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Thor's Hammers, Thorr's Hammers, and more Thors Hammers. Order your custom, hand made Thors Hammer pendant here. View other custom, hand made Thors Hammer pendants here. Buy silver Thors Hammers here. Buy gold Thors Hammers here. Buy amber Thors Hammers here. Find the best selection of custom, hand made Thors hammers anywhere!
Welcome to the Thorr's Hammer Site!
At this time I'm not accepting new orders. The transition to my new and surprisingly more fulfilling work has been very sudden and I'm still working out the bugs of catching up on all orders. Some simply need the mailing address confirmed, others may require additional information from you if you haven't yet received the order you placed. If you are still waiting for an order it will be very helpful to me if you can check in with the form below, which is now directed to the more reliable hotmail address, so I can provide a new update or get any info I still need from you. I'm very grateful for everyone's patience! If you're looking for interesting and unique jewelry I recommend Etsy or your local shop.

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To my first customers :) you know who you are, for getting me started.

To Barb J., Brian Smith and Sharon Hodgson for their time, efforts and patience in getting this site online.

To Gladsheim, Medoburg, and Vingolf Kindreds for their excellent hospitality and for letting me display my jewelry at their blots.

And to everyone that places an order, I appreciate your business.