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Below are some examples of custom designs I've created. Some are Norse and some are sacred to other traditions. I've studied many paths and many types of magic before realizing that Asatru is my faith. I have the most fun with designs with Runes and Heathen symbols, but also enjoy creating pieces to honor the God/desses and symbols of most faiths. Some of the pieces pictured below are one of a kind items and will not be duplicated, others are available for purchase to your specifications. You can email me about the design you want, or if you prefer we can discuss your design by phone. All designs on this page and the rest of this website are, of course, property of Weylandsdottir and The Thorrshammer Site. Duplication of any design on this website without permission and/or proper reference/credit is prohibited.

To ensure fairness in policy, custom orders must be paid in full before work begins, because orders of items shown on the website are paid in advance. Inquiries can be made by phone or email, please give as much information as possible about what you want, including the dimesions, preferred material, symbols and shape when possible. Pricing for your custom piece is determined by materials and labor costs. Once the details of the piece are worked out, a price quote and completion time estimate will be given.

Click on the picture for a better veiw where you see a "D" in the description.
Hand Carved Jet Thorr's Hammer Thorr's Hammer in 10K White Gold
w/Onyx Gem
Thorr's Hammer with removable necklace inSterling and Amber
Natural Jet, Sterling Silver
Jet carvings are available starting at $40
10KW Gold
This hammer will not be duplicated
other custom styles are available
Amber/Sterling Silver
This style will not be duplicated
other custom necklace styles are available
2 1/2"x1" 1 1/4"x7/8" D 24" D

14K Bindrune Charm

Hand Carved Amber Rune Pendant

Twist Torc Necklace

14K Gold
runic energies combined for specific purposes. success/prosperity bindrune shown is from Edred Thorsson's book,"FUTHARK A Handbook of Rune Magic"
other bindrunes are available. email me to discuss the bindrune you need.

Baltic Amber/Sterling Silver
Berkana shown
hand carved pendant and rune, rune is colored with silver
amber size and color may vary

Brass/Sterling Silver/Amber
One possible style shown
similar styles available


1/4"-1/2"w x 1"h 3/8"x12" D


$33 $84

choose a rune

Custom Beaded Necklace

Open Design Star Pendant

Large 14K Thorr's Hammer Pendant

Necklace with Amythest, Tiger Eye, Sterling Silver and 14K GF beads, designed for wear with Customer's Pentacle

Sterling Silver (shown)

14K Yellow Gold Thorr's Hammer Pendant with custom knotwork and raven's head design


1/2"x5/8" 1 1/2"x1 1/8"

This design is not available
Necklaces for
pendants designed upon request

Sterling Silver $24
14K Gold $139
This design is not available.
Other Thorr's Hammer styles in gold are available

Pentacle Ring

4-Stone Rune Pendant

Valknut and Stone Earrings

14/18K Yellow and White Gold with Emeralds and center Diamond

Sterling Silver/Lapis
Lapis cabochons surround the Ansuz Rune
dark blue is associated with Odhinn
as is the Ansuz rune

14K Yellow Gold/Blue Topaz
pear cut Topaz Stones are set into earrings
which go well with the Valknut shape

Dimensions: 5/8"

1"x3/4" 1/4"x1"

not available
for sale

$35 $279**

choose a stone
choose a rune

choose a stone

Hand Woven Pentacle Hand Carved Greek Script Ring Hand Woven Celtic Knot Ring

Sterling Silver
Shown in Sterling, available in 14K too
custom variations avaiable

Sterling Silver
This ring was carved with Greek Script in the same manner as the Hand Carved Futhark Rings are made

Sterling Silver
this is a very popular ring


Sterling Silver $32

14K Gold $189