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Thor's Hammers, Thorr's Hammers, and more Thors Hammers. Order your custom, hand made Thors Hammer pendant here. View other custom, hand made Thors Hammer pendants here. Buy silver Thors Hammers here. Buy gold Thors Hammers here. Buy amber Thors Hammers here. Find the best selection of custom, hand made Thors hammers anywhere!
Welcome to the Thorr's Hammer Site!

It's great to see so many of you coming back while new folks continue to stop in and try out the jewelry. I really appreciate you all keeping me so busy! I am making every effort to keep the turn around time on your orders as quick as possible. However, due to major increases in order volume, please expect that any item that is not in stock will take 10 to 21 days to create. Custom orders may take longer. All items from The Thorr's Hammer Site are handmade originals, there is nothing here that is resold or mass produced. Information has been added to each jewelry page to give you an idea of when the jewelry you want will be finished if it isn't in stock. In stock items are labeled and will ship out on the next business day. Please send an email if you need a more exact estimate or need your jewelry for a special occaision.

More jewelry styles are now in stock and ready to ship!

Your suggestions for other items you would like to see kept in stock regularly have been heard and heeded, as have the purchasing trends. More Thorr's Hammer styles in both silver, amber and gold have been added to the regularly stocked inventory, as well as more Valknut and rune jewelry styles. Your suggestions are always welcome, please let me know if there's anything else you think should be kept in stock regularly. Please click here to send your recommendations.

New items will be added soon. The most recently added items are HERE. The bestsellers are the Medium Woven Valknut, the Medium Amber Valknut, the Silver Cast Hammer w/Oath Ring, and the Hand Carved Rune Rings. If you'd like to be notified by email when new jewelry styles are available, other website updates, or events where The Thorr's Hammer Site will be,please use the form below or send an email.

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About the Artist

While growing up I was guided towards a career other than art, although my parents were very supportive of my interest in art and paid for lots of classes. Never did I imagine that I'd actually be able to have a career as an artist, but because of my Gods I've been able to make it happen.

It was in 1996 when I first began working with Runes and intensifying the bonds with the Norse Gods that I'd always felt but never understood. It was in 1999 when I figured out that ┴satr˙ [literal translation = "tru to the (Norse) Gods"] is the name for what I believe. After listening to someone who wasn't even ┴satr˙ (who had no clue I already knew about it) describe the faith to me, it finally dawned on me that in studying the Runes and working with the Norse Gods, what I was doing and believing all along was ┴satr˙. In November 2004 I was moved to formally profess ┴satr˙.

I'm dedicated to Thorr, my patron and protector, but I'm also close to Ë­inn. Thorr's influence guides me during my work, especially in making Thorr's Hammers, but Ë­inn also inspires my work, and gave me the direction that eventually led to this website. Before starting this website, I never gave much thought to creating my own jewelry. This is in spite of the fact that I studied metalsmithing in school, and that I was already making my own Thorr's Hammers and Rune jewelry because there's never been much of a selection online or in any shops (unless you're really into pewter or the factory made stuff!). Then I had a really interesting dream... Ë­inn showed up and handed me a silver Valknut about the size of a dinner plate. I knew I needed to make a Valknut, and started with a small one in Silver.

After making my first Valknut and a few other pieces, other Heathens kept telling me that I ought to make more jewelry and sell it. So I did, and created a lot of Thorr's Hammer styles that go beyond the museum replicas, and Rune jewelry that's actually jewelry. With the help of a few fellow Heathens who know html, The Thorr's Hammer Site came into being, dedicated to offering new creations in Thorr's Hammers, Valknuts, Runes, Amber and other Norse jewelry, that have never been done before, but are inspired by the Norse traditions.

In 2004, I was able to leave my day job. With the profit from the sale of my home when moving from VA to NC, I was able to quit selling insurance and put my full efforts into my jewelry business, creating another website for gemstone jewelry and aromatherapy, and selling at jewelry shows and craft fairs. I am most grateful to my Gods, especially Njordh, for showing me the way to make a living as an artist. Perhaps there could have been another avenue for my life as an artist to unfold, but I'm sure it would have taken much longer.

Thorr's Hammer Site Jewelry

The way that I make my jewelry is pretty simple. I got the idea (along with a terrible feeling of homesickness!) after seeing the Viking exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute. Along with all the Viking artifacts, there was a piece of soapstone that was carved into a mold for making Thorr's Hammers. I use this type of mold for my Cast Hammers, Valknuts, and Rune Jewelry. I find a significant personal connection to the past by making my Thorr's Hammers and other jewelry in the same manner that the Vikings did theirs.

Every rune on every piece of Rune Jewelry is hand carved, not cast with the runes already on it. I use quality engraving tools that allow for thorough yet precise rune designs, made to last even through daily wear. If you're rough on your jewelry like I am, you will appreciate this!

After carving the runes, they are "colored" by heating the metal or can be colored with enamel. Once you get the piece, you may do any additional coloring you think is appropriate. This method is much more in line with runework traditions than just casting the whole thing with a rune already engraved, or where the runes are raised up just to be worn down at some point.

All jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site is handmade, Heathen made and priced to compete with the mass-produced stuff. I like to say jokingly that the jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site is made here in America by a happy, well fed Heathen, and not in a third world country where the workers are starving and hate Americans, Heathens, and witches. But for those who take to heart the significance of the energies that go into a piece of jewelry, especially a holy symbol, this is something to consider, as is the fact that the symbols are created by one who lives the traditions and knows the Runes.

Wholesale and Group Discounts

Retailers, please click here for wholesale buying information. Kindreds and other groups may also qualify for a discount on larger orders of regular stock or custom items. Please send an email listing what you are looking for.

Amber Authenticity

All amber sold by The Thorr's Hammer Site is Natural Baltic Amber, purchased from Russian and Polish suppliers who are allowed to sell at jewelry shows that are only open to business owners. These vendors are carefully screened for authenticity. Since learning about ways to test for authentic amber I am extremely careful to ensure that I am only purchasing from reputable sources and working with real amber.

New Ideas

Please refer to the site map for all working links. As I get better pictures of the various items, I'll be replacing the old ones, but you'll at least have an idea of what everything looks like. You can take a look at the Custom Works page for ideas if you're thinking about having your own unique design commissioned. As always, if you don't see exactly what you want, send an email and tell me what you're looking for. If I know what it is, I can probably make it for you.

Please visit the Comments page to see what others have to say or to add your own suggestions.

Thank you for visiting my site!



To my first customers :) you know who you are, for getting me started.

To Barb J., Brian Smith and Sharon Hodgson for their time, efforts and patience in getting this site online.

To Gladsheim, Medoburg, and Vingolf Kindreds for their excellent hospitality and for letting me display my jewelry at their blots.

And to everyone that places an order, I appreciate your business.