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All Comments are appreciated, except for the one from the "gentleman" who wanted to see pictures here that aren't suitable for a family friendly site.

Seriously though, I know that most folks don't bother to write anything unless they're ticked off for some reason, so that makes me all the more thankful and appreciative for those of you that took the time to write in and let me know that you're happy with your orders.

If you have something to say about the site or the jewelry, please feel free to send me an email or use the form below the comments.

I was able to give my friend the hammer this weekend and he was delighted with it. Thanks again. L. M., Maryland

The Valknut and chain came today and they are beautiful. Thank you again, A. P., Arizona

Hi, just to thank you for the Thor's Hammer I ordered which arrived today. It is superb thankyou. I will be ordering from you again soon. G. R., United Kingdom

The ring came today and it looks great! The fit is perfect also. Thank you for your prompt attention. D. L., Ohio

Got it today (necklace)....she loved it! Thanks again for all your help! O. R., Texas

I just received the pendant today and everything seems to be in good order. I appreciate your promptness on this and if I ever need anything like this again I definitely will try you first. Thanks. D. M., Texas

Today I received the rune ring and I love it. Thanks for the good communication, fine quality hand-craftsmanship and for working with me on the rose gold! J. K., Oregon

I am so thrilled with the hammer. S. M., Georgia

It (hammer) is just perfect ... the color of the sapphire is beautiful. M. Y., Pennsylvania

I bought a amber/jet bracelet from you on 9/10/05. I just wanted you to know that I love your work and I am planning on buying from you again. J.S., North Carolina

I just recieved a wonderful birthday gift from my companion, it was your beautiful, handcrafted, amber Thor's Hammer! I love it! L. W., Pennsylvania

I love my earrings! F., Virginia

Just wanted to let you know the amber necklace arrived today and it's beautiful!  It fits perfectly...Thank you for restringing it for me and for doing such fabulous work. L.V., New Jersey

The pendant and ring came Monday - I've been buried under work so this is the first chance I've had to write.  They are beautiful!  Thank you so much for taking on this project and seeing it thru.  I really appreciate the excellent work(wo)manship. C.N., Virginia

Hail! This just a short note to tell my ring arrived today.I am more than pleased with your work, the photos on your website simply don't do justice to your work.I am definitely going to order again in the very near future. Thank You Again, B.T.

I got my spinning rune ring in the mail yesterday.... and I LOVE IT!!!!   I wasn't sure what to expect, for me to order a special ring over the internet without being able to physically see it was a huge leap of faith on my part.  As I opend the packaging I felt like a child opening up a Yule gift and I was not isappointed in the slightest bit.  The ring has a natural fit, it is as if it is a part of my finger - it is not too heavy and it seems to have formed to my finger (if that makes any sense).  The craftmanship is superb and I can't stop spinning it. Thank you!!!! I will be doing more business with you in the future. S.J., California

I am so happy with the amber jewelry that I have collected from you. P.M., Virginia

I really appreciate your fixing my hammer. I'm thoroughly enjoying the hammer you made as well. R. R., North Carolina

Received item, very nice including the little bag, Thank you, A. G., Tennessee

Thank you for the email. You are the best person I've had dealings with online and I really apprecitate it! S. B., Massachusetts

They (rings) are perfect, you did an excellent job! C. S., New Hampshire

I just wanted to let you know that the Amber Thorrshammer arrived on Saturday. It's gorgeous! The pictures on the website don't really show the warmth and beauty of the amber hammer (I imagine that's something that would be hard to capture with a camera). I can hardly wait to see my husband's face when he opens up this special gift on Christmas. I kanow he's going to love it. A. G., Michigan

just thought i'd let u know that i'm still wearing that silver garnet Eihwaz pendant and never leave home without it J. G., United Kingdom

Thank You so much!  I received the hammer today and it's perfect!  W.G.

i recieved the pendant... I like the fact that the stone is see through.  It's good quality and im sure it'll last forever, It's good to know it came from a person/artist that has similar/same beliefs.  J.G., United Kingdom

the new hammer came yesterday thank you so very much. my little one looks awesome in it. A.M., Pennsylvania

(Name) and I have never seen anything quite like this - it is superb! Thank you D.F., United Kingdom

The Rune pendants just arrived. Very beautiful work and presentation. Thank you. M. C., Massachusetts

Ive just received the ring I ordered and Im delighted. Thank you, its just what I wanted. M. G., United Kingdom

The rings arrived today, and look great.  An excellent job, just as I expected. P. H., Virginia

The ear stud arrived... I am very pleased with it, thank you!  It is heavier than I expected, a nice solid feeling. Thanks again for your fine work, T. L., Minnesota

I wanted to let you know that I received the chain and the pendant fits on it perfectly.  Everything is just fine.  I don't think things could have worked out better.  The pendant is truly beautiful and I can't thank you enough for your time and patience in creating it. J. M., New York

..the hammer you made for me.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it.  I have gotten a number of positive comments on it J.K., Georgia

Just wanted to let you know I received the valknot and love it!  Thanks. S. N., Missouri

Thank you!  I got my hammer today (Thorsday).  Much sooner than expected!!  Its beautiful.  C. R., Ohio

The ring is beautiful, and was very well received by my friend! Also, I cannot thank you enough for your above and beyond efforts to get me the ring on time, and for the lovely chain you sent along. I'll definitely be ordering from you again. M. R., Texas

I got it (ring) yesterday and it's beautiful. It has such  nice energy and oh thank you!! I'm very, very happy with it! G. K., New York

I received the ring and it is great.  The runes really stand out! D. R., Virginia

I just recieved the Amber Thorr's Hammer today.  It is quite beautiful and I am quite pleased!  I will be most certain to order from you again!  J. S., North Carolina

I received my jewelry yesterday. I LOVE it!!! Both pieces are great and I'm very happy with them. Anytime I need something in your line, I will definitely do repeat business with you. You are very talented and offer a great, and unique, product at a fair price. Thanks again!- A.F., Illinois

Your work is well described by your motto, 'Originality based on Tradition.' You do very skilled work, the hammer is beautiful.- J.K., Georgia

I just wanted to let you know I got the ring I ordered today. It looks great. Many thanks for the fine work.- P.H., Virginia

The ring is great, spectacular, exactly what I was looking for.- D.B., Florida

You have outdone yourself! I absolutely love it (the jewelry).- J.M., North Carolina

Everything I've ordered from you has such a special *feeling* to it, I would never even consider going anywhere else for a truly meaningful piece of jewelry. - L.W., Pennsylvania

...wonderful jewellery... - A.F., United Kingdom

You are fantastic. Thank you very much for being so attentive. - R.K., Netherlands

I received the ring last week and am very pleased with it. The carvings are nicely done and look great! - L.B., Colorado

You're site was highly recommended and after viewing your available pieces I see why. - J.B., USA

Very nice work you do. - B.M., USA

I'm glad to see your jewelry and am impressed by the beauty of it. - M.F., Virginia 

The ring is absolutely beautiful, and so is the large Valknut. And like your other pieces, they have *such* a wonderful "feel" to them. The site looks great, by the way; I love all the new things you've added. - L.W., Pennsylvania

...got the ring today its great and fits perfect! thanks - J.A., Massachusetts

Received! (and the ring is perfect!) Thank you :) Cheers - J.D., Pennsylvania

I just wanted to let you know my order was delivered this morning... I'm very pleased with both Valknuts, and the ring is exqusite! Knowing all the work that went into it makes it even more special. I'm planning to order again soon, and have already recommended you to a friend. - L.W., Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for such wonderful work! - A.G., Oklahoma

Thank you very much for making it (the Thorr's hammer) available! - M.K., Pennsylvania

I received the "large" (Valknut), and it is beautiful ... Thanks for the fast service.- R.G., California

Last year you made a very tiny Thor's Hammer for my daughter in law - andshe absolutely loves it - hasn't taken it off since I gave it to her. Thanks so much! - K.F., Utah

Where are your Irminsuls? - A.F., France [answer: They have been shipped off as soon as they have been made. I plan to make more soon and photograph them when I'm not in a hurry to mail them off.]

Thanks so much...We really appreciate this and we are overjoyed to have the rings ...We could not have picked a better crafter and if we ever need anything again we will look you up for certain :) - J.B., Georgia

I really appreciate the work you have done for our community! Hail Weylandsdottir! - A.G., Oklahoma

Hail Weylandsdottir! Your work is beautiful... I am very happy with the rune ring with its magical carvings of the runes. It is the only hand-carved rune ring I have ever seen! Thanks again for your work. Best regards - L.A., California

We think these are really fantastic nice jewelleries. - R.K., Netherlands

I picked up the ring this morning...it is just exquisite..thank you so very very much .. tis really a ring of beauty. - D.M., Missouri

Your website is superb; it does your jewelry justice! - R.S., Ohio

I went to your website and it is really neat. Your stuff looks great and the website is well laid out. - 

The website is looking very good. I am a web designer myself and I like the cleanness of the layout. My compliments to you and your friend for your work! - Hrafn, Canada

I got it (the hammer)... its great! Thank  you! - Mrs. R.,  Virginia

I LOVE IT (the hammer)!!  Thank you so much! Hail! - M.B., Maryland

Your work is excellent as was the timing; ...many thanks for your efforts to get me the Valknut on time.  (still looking forward to seeing your new work on your site) - G.G., Canada

Hammers came in, and (name) and I love them.....Again, many thanks...the Hammers are excellent! - M.R.

Hello. I love your site. I have had so much trouble finding 'Asatru Jewelry'. - L.L.

I just stumbled across your site, and it is wonderful. Your work is inspired.- S.M.

The site is great, as is the jewelry. -  S., United Kingdom

Your jewelry is truly beautiful. - S.W., Missouri

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