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Amber Jewelry Index: find Baltic amber designs here

Amber Necklaces and Bracelets: designs in Baltic amber and jet without the holy symbols

Carved Amber Thorr's Hammers: handcrafted Thor's hammer pendants and earrings

Carved Amber Valknuts, Rune Sets and Rune Pendants and Amber pendants: more runes, rune jewelry and other designs related to the Gods

Thorr's Hammer Index: find all Thorr's Hammer pages listed here

Sterling Silver Thorr's Hammers: new and original Thorr's Hammer jewelry designs in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Thorr's Hammers with Semiprecious Stones: this page is devoted to sterling silver Thors hammer pendants with gemstones

14K Gold Thorr's Hammers: Thorr's Hammer pendants in solid 14K gold with or without gemstones

Amber Thorr's Hammers: Thor's hammer pendants carved by hand from Baltic amber with a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors

Valknut Index: all valknut jewelry pages are listed here

Sterling Silver Valknut Pendants: cast and hand valknut woven pendant designs in sterling silver

14K Gold and Amber Valknut Pendants: Hand carved Baltic amber Valknut pendants, cast and hand woven 14K gold valknut pendants

Sterling Silver and 14K Valknut Earrings, Rings and More: Many valknut earrings designs for men and women in sterling silver, Baltic amber and 14K gold

Rune Index: find all styles of rune jewelry that The Thorr's Hammer Site offers listed on this page

Handcrafted Sculptured Rune Pendants in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Elder Futhark Rune Pendants: domed, 1/2" sterling silver pendants with Elder futhark runes and bindrunes

Sterling Silver Younger and Anglo Futhark Rune Pendants: 1/2" domed sterling silver rune pendants hand carved with Younger futhark, Armanen futhark, Anglo Saxon and Anglo Frisian futhark runes

Sterling Silver and Semiprecious Stone Rune Pendants: hand carved sterling silver Elder Futhark rune pendants with gemstones

Large Size Sterling Silver Elder Futhark Rune Pendants: 3/4" domed sterling silver rune pendants with hand carved runes and bindrunes

Mini Size Sterling Silver Rune Pendants: 1/4" mini size sterling silver rune pendants

Sterling Silver and 14K Rune Rings: very large selection of hand carved rune ring styles including spinning rune rings, adjustable rings, and the original futhark ring, your choice of sterling silver, 14K gold and more

Sterling Silver and 14K Bracelets and Earrings with Runes and Stones: hand carved rune earrings and bracelets, with or without gemstones, in stlering silver and 14K gold

Sunwheels and Helm of Awe pendants: the helm of awe, or aegishjalmar, and sunwheelpendants are shown here

Custom Work: a sampling of custom designs made over the years, some are available for purchase

Amber Spa Products: lotions, showel gel, bath salts and more, made with amber dust and essential oils

Not Necessarily Norse Miscellaneous Magical Stuff: bath and body creations with essential oil blends for specific purposes

Basic Rune Meanings: an overveiw of the elder futhark runes and what they mean

Basic Gemstone Properties: a summary of the associations and properties of gemstones used in jewelry

Gold Market Price info: a bot more baout the gold market and how it affects the cost of your jewelry

Hand Finished Jewelry and Rune Boxes: wooden boxes decorated with the holy symbols, perfect for runes, jewelry or anything that will fit inside

Embroidered Hats: baseball caps with the holy symbols embroidered on the front

Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Chains: find the right chain for your pendant here

Gift Certificates: useful when you do not have time to wait for the perfect gift to be created, or are not sure what the perfect gift is

Links: links to events and stores where you can see jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site, and other links of Asatru and Heathen interest

Wodensday Heathen Discussion group- Raleigh, NC area: a local group meeting to discuss Heathen topics

dishonor: there is good and bad in every group, unfortunately the media choses to ignore the good within the Asatru community and instead focuses on the dishonorable minority

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