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There's lots of great sites out there besides the ones listed. If you would like your Asatru, Heathen, Rune, or other informational site considered for this page, please send an email with your site's url.

DISCLAIMER: While The Thorr's Hammer Site supports every individual's right to their own opinion and/or to choose an alternative lifestyle, it gets really annoying when some of these folks who just happen to be Heathen or Pagan misrepresent their lifestyle or politics as something that's part of being Heathen or Pagan, or even worse, act as if there is something wrong with people who do not chose alternative lifestyles or agree with their politics. While it is true that Heathens and Pagans tend to be more accepting of all things beyond the pale than society is in general, this *does not* mean all Heathens or Pagans actually agree with any of these things we tolerate. In fact, many of us *do not* choose alternative lifestyles or extreme politics.

If your site misrepresents Asatru, Heathenism or any other faith by injecting any personal or political agenda, The Thorr's Hammer Site will not put a link to it. The Thorr's Hammer Site reserves the right to refuse a sale from anyone who brings dishonor to Asatru/Heathenism or Paganism in general through their words, published material, or actions.

The Thorr's Hammer Site in Midgard


The Awen Tree Easthampton, MA
The Awen Tree is a metaphysical shop and art gallery combined. I've only seen the store before it's opening and even then I was impressed. At least one of the owners is a rune student, and both owners are very Heathen friendly. This store has Thorr's Hammers and rune jewelry in addition to amber and gemstone jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site.

Bell Book and Candle Dover, DE
Many in the northeast Heathen community know the new owners of this store, Ivo Dominguez and Jim Welch. To say that these guys are knowledgable and Heathen friendly, and respectful and knowledgable about our distinct paths, is a huge understatement. This store has Thorr's Hammer and rune jewelry as well as amber and gemstone jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site.

The Crystal Fox Annapolis & Laurel, MD
A nice shop in Laurel, MD, well known to the DC/Baltimore community. They now have a new location Annapolis, MD which I hope to see soon. This store carries Miscellaneous Magical Stuff bath products and from time to time has Thorr's Hammer and rune jewelry as well as amber and gemstone jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site.

Dancing Moon Raleigh, NC
A tradition in the Raleigh Pagan books and metaphysical items. The store is in a great new location with plenty of parking, and run by extermely nice folks. They are great about special orders on books. This store may have rune jewelry and Thorr's Hammers from time to time, but mainly purchases amber and gemstone jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site due to their higher percentage of Pagan and new age customers. If you wish to see more Norse jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site in this store they will accomodate custom orders.

Eclectic By Nature Greensboro, NC
Owned by a Pagan well known in the community, this store has an impressive and varied inventory. This store may have rune jewelry and Thorr's Hammers from time to time, but mainly purchases amber and gemstone jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site due to their higher percentage of Pagan and new age customers. If you wish to see more Norse jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site in this store they will accomodate custom orders.

Phoenix and Dragon Atlanta, GA
No doubt this store is well known to Atlanta and Georgia residents, one of the largest metaphysical shops in our country. The Phoenix and Dragon has a knowledgable staff and offers a large range of spiritual products and services. This store may have rune jewelry and Thorr's Hammers from time to time, but mainly purchases amber and gemstone jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site due to their higher percentage of Pagan and new age customers. If you wish to see more Norse jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site in this store they will accomodate custom orders.

The World Tree Gaithersburg, MD
Sadly this store has closed. I've never seen a better selection of herbs and a fantastic selection of unique things. Folks, us web merchants truly appreciate your business but there is still a need for the physical stores so please support them, as well as any other Heathen or Pagan run business, whenever you can.

Taliesin Shop Holland, Netherlands
Taliesin Shop is a new place as well. You don't need to know Dutch to enjoy this site, it's a VERY nicely designed and worth a look. This store carries Rune jewelry, Thorr's Hammers, and other Norse jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site

Events 2010
The list of events where The Thorr's Hammer Site can be found may vary from year to year, though Heathen events are always a priority. The travel area is pretty much most of but not limited to the eastern US, sometimes a little further inland. This year I've prioritized SCA events due to personal choices and the opportunity to learn more about the historical context of my faith as well as history in general. For years my focus has been on the esoteric but that has shifted towards the historical. SCA events are usually attended under the secular business name. Just look for the drinking horns and amber at SCA events in Atlantia and larger events such as Pennsic and Gulf Wars. Please scroll down to "recommended events" for Pagan gatherings I've attended in the past, enjoyed, and may return to. I'd like to thank those folks who were kind enough to send me an invite to their events, and encourage other event organizers to send an email with info about your event too if you need a Norse jewelry/amber vendor, rune readings, or workshops on Asatru/Heathen topics or amber.

Florida Moot Feb. 21-24 Silver Springs, FL
After attending the ECT since '00, I figured there had to be good Heathen folks in the south too. This event, hosted by Osprey Bay Kindred proved me absolutely right. Osprey Bay consistently offers excellent fellowship and hospitality.

East Coast Thing August 21 - 24 at Camp Netimus, Milford, PA
Thank you to all the host kindreds, Gladsheim Kindred, Raven Kindred North and Vingolf Fellowship, and all of the Northeast Asatru community, for what has been a fantastic event year after year. The East Coast Thing was first started as an Asatru answer to neo-Pagan gatherings... need I say more? It's become an event centered around the Northeast Asatru community that welcomes Asatruar from all over as well as non-Asatru friends who are also important to our community. This year the 10th ECT had the funniest ever "pillage the village" and great new music!

Central NC Pagan Pride Day Sept. 20 Raleigh, NC
The locals here do an impressive job of organizing this one day event. A good variety of workshops and informational booths are on hand, and there is usually a good turnout of other Heathens.

Green Hill Medieval Faire Sept. 27 -28, Salem, VA
The one renn faire where I can vend as The Thorr's Hammer Site and not under the regular (secular) jewelry business name, because the organizers are that cool! This event is a lot of fun and there are plenty of other Vikings there too.

Apple Valley Winternights Gathering Oct 16 - 19, Shenadoah Valley, VA
The good folks of Eplagardr Kindred are hosting this event for Heathens and Druids.

Recommended Events

Trillium April 17-20 Cross Junction, VA
A new event for The Thorr's Hammer Site, this ADF event is held at a beautiful Heathen owned campground. For that and the excellent meal plan I look forward to when I can attend this event.

Stanardsville Beltane Festival May 9-11 Stanardsville, VA
It was great to be back at this event! This was my first full weekend event for merchanting back in 2002. I was particularly impressed that they had musical guests, especially the one I was able to listen to. This event has proven to be an enjoyable time year after year, run by good people. The drummers and firetenders were amazing this year.

Maryland Faerie Festival June 7-8 Upper Marlboro, MD
A nice hybrid of a craft show and esoterics. Unlike the standard public jewelry/craft shows, this is a place where I can talk to the general public about runes. The MD Faerie Fest is a well run, well organized event, as well as a fun event for kids.

Trothmoot June 12 - 15 Evansville, IN
I was pleased to see for myself that the Troth includes Heathens with many viewpoints. The event is rotated from one region of the country to another and is not held in the same place each year. Generally Trothmoot has been held in CA, IN, and an east coast location. Thank the Gods it will be much less of a drive to the site in VA next year!

Pagan Spirit Gathering June 15-22 Camp Zoe, MO
Unfortunately this event is now held at a site that is further away than I want to drive. However I strongly recommend it as it is such a high quality event. This very large gathering keeps an impressive air of spirituality and great energy throughout the week. I had no idea that OH could get to over 100 degrees in June, otherwise this is a great event.

Chesapeake Pagan CommunityGathering July 17-20 Darlington, MD
CPC is an organization seving the Mid-Atlantic area. Their gathering was a great time, held at a very nice campsite in northern MD, and felt like a vacation. This event draws both presenters and attendees who are very serious about their spirituality and their studies.

Autumn Meet Oct 16 - 19, (near) McClenny, FL
Phoenix Festival's fall gathering. These folks understand hospitatlity and really do make you feel at home. Unfortunately this year the Autumn Meet conflicts with Eplagardr's Winternights, and the Heathen events always get priority.

Florida Pagan Gathering Nov. 6 - 9, Altoona, FL
What a great surprise it was to find other Heathens attending this gathering. For that reason as well as the other good folks I met here I will be returning as long as the schedule allows it. I'm glad that management has relocated this event to an area that isn't as far away.

The Norse Gods and Goddesses/Runes/Mythology

Freya Aswynn's Homepage
I have a special fondness for Freya and her book "Leaves of Yggdrasil" that helped me greatly in starting to learn the Runes and in getting to know the Norse Gods and Goddesses. I highly recommend checking out any of her books or workshops!

Mimir's Well, Traditional and Modern Practices
A very well written book by a lifelong Heathen. Mimir's Well provides information on Heathenry, the Aesir and Vanir, Blots to honor the Gods and Goddesses, and also the seasonal Holy Tides.

The Northern Path
Lots of up to date Heathen relevant news articles and other information about the religious practices, all in one place.

Dave and Sandi of Raven Kindred North have put together a really impressive informational site, complete with video podcasts. Especially noteworthy are their interviews with representatives of national Asatru/Heathen organizations.

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
Another very impressive site that I've always liked for all the information it provides. It's an "everything" page with lots of links.

Kindreds/Hearths/Etc...These are some of the groups who I've visited with or met at gatherings. Their sites have great reading lists and lots of good info about Asatru in general as well as the holidays and practices.

Eldhrimnir Kindred Outer Banks, NC
A group of really nice folks who deserve credit for all the Heathen activity in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area as they put a few of us in this area in touch with each other. Some of their members have started a new venture offering rune sets, readings and other goodies here on Strings of Synthesis, their business website.

Gladsheim Kindred DC Metro Area
I was consider myself very fortunate to have met these folks and attend blot with them for nearly five years when living in the DC area.

Hildulf Kindred FL/AL
A group of serious heathens and good people who have contributed positively to the fellowship of the Florida Moot each year I've been there. The informative links page on Hildulf's website is a wonderful resource where all kinds of information, useful to newbies and longtime Heathens, is together in one place.

Medoburg Kindred OH/PA
I wish I met them while I was still in Ohio. They're a good group of Midwesterners, each talented in their own way.

Vingolf Fellowship NJ/NY
A wonderful group of Heathens spanning MD, NY and NY.

Miscellaneous Interesting Stuff including other Artists I like

Against the Grain USA
A website with fantastic wood carvings done by a skilled craftsman and fellow Heathen. Matt also does custom work such as plaques for kindreds.

Tru Spirit USA/Germany
Heathen music by Heathens. They put many music styles together with lyrics about our Gods, links on the site let you listen to parts of each song. Tru Spirit has a new CD out. I ordered mine already!

Witchvox An excellent resource for Pagans, with general information, networking, local groups, Pagan shops, events, and more. This is a great place for Heathens to list events, as many in the Pagan community want to learn more about us.