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Below are links to all sorts of rune jewelry, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more. Bindrunes for protection, success/well being and love/relationship are now available on the Elder Futhark Rune page and the Large Runes page. The Aegishjalmar, or Helm of Awe, is shown on the Sunwheels page. If you prefer a different bindrune for your rune jewelry, please put a note in the "Special Instructions" section of your order form or email me if you have any questions. Please note that everything on this site is handmade and if the item you want is not listed as "in stock" it can take 10-21 days to create.

New! Sculpted Elder Futhark Rune Pendants

Rune Earrings and Rune Bracelets

Elder Futhark Rune pendants & Bindrunes

Younger/Anglo Futhark Rune pendants

Mini Sterling Silver Rune Pendants

Rune and Stone Pendants

Large Size Rune Pendants & Bindrunes

Silver Rune Rings, Gold Rune Rings, Spinning Rune Rings

You'll find a very extensive selection here, with a range of rune jewelry styles that are appropriate for everyone from the most refined of Viking ladies to the toughest of the Berserker Warriors, regular folks, and children as well. Our rune jewelry is done in sterling silver and 14k gold, with or without gemstones, and now copper rune bracelets are available too. You can have a custom design done exactly as you like, with pretty much any metal or stone, just ask. Most of our rune jewelry is done with Elder Futhark runes, but the Younger, Armanen, Anglo Frisian and Anglo Saxon Futhork runes can also be engraved on your jewelry. Thank you for your patience with all the extra verbage on the website, it's necessary for the search engines to find this page so that you can find the rune jewelry you want more easily. Hopefully some of the information will even be useful :)

Rune jewelry is many things to many people. For some it is a way to connect with their culture and the past. For others, wearing rune jewelry is a magical ritual. There is no question that the runes are more than just an alphabet. For anyone who choses to wear rune jewelry, it is a powerful way to reinforce that which is important, whether it is reconnecting with the ancestors, making a change in your life, or simply connecting with the runes themselves.

From Tacitus's accounts of lot casting in Germania, most people assume that he is talking about lots, with runes carve onto them, being cast onto a white cloth. However, we do not know for sure that the lots were actually runes. It's a pretty good guess though. In Pre-Christian Scandinavia, runes were carved on jewelry, swords, and also household items, among other things. Runes had their mundane uses, such as "this is Helga's Brooch" as much as they had their more notorious magical uses. Probably the best known magical use of runes is in Egil's Saga, where Egil removes incorrectly carved runes that were supposed to cure a woman but had made her even more ill, and replaced them with the proper healing runes. Runes were used to write graffiti, along with the more well known runestones that usually were written about a person's accomplishments and/or their death. Today runes are enjoying increasing popularity among those seeking spiritual growth as well as those who are looking to reconnect with their cultural roots and heritage.

All Rune Jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site is engraved by hand. each rune is carved individually and not cast in place. There are no "blank runes" here because the "blank rune" is a modern idea, not historical, and comes from a very questionable source. It's ironic that some refer to the "blank rune" as "Odin's rune," because it is not one of the rune symbols that Odhinn sacrificed to gain knowledge of, nor has it evolved from these runes. Having said that, many people use a blank piece in with their rune sets and get great results and I do not intend to say that anyone is wrong in their practice. But those who use the "blank rune" should be aware that is has no historical basis and was made up by a 20th century author who admits to not having the best understanding of the runes.

Runes here are carved either in their correct Futhark order, arranged for a specific purpose, or carved to order with your message for special requests. Your personal message in runes can be transliterated from English or from the language of your choice. Elder Futhark jewelry is generally carved with Dagaz last, but if you prefer Othala last, just ask. The Thorr's Hammer Site takes the power within the runes very seriously and this is reflected in each piece. As a Heathen owned and operated business, The Thorr's Hammer Site's focus is Heathen jewelry, without any other distractions.

A very basic list of rune meanings for the Elder Futhark Runes can be found here, as well as views of the Elder and Younger Futhark rune rows, as they are carved on our jewelry. Also on the way will be a list of recommended reading for learning more about the runes. The Anglo Saxon, (33 runes) Anglo Frisian, (28 runes) and Armanen (18 runes) Futhorks will be shown soon too. These later Futharks, the Anglo Saxon and the Anglo Frisian runes, are shown with interchangable names, depending on the source. I do not mean to add to the confusion or imply that I have somehow determined which is correct, the names here are just used as they are to keep track of which is which.