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Click on the links below to view the selection of handmade, genuine Baltic Amber jewelry

Carved Amber Thorr's Hammers (Thor's Hammers)

Amber Key pendants, Amber Rune Sets, Amber Rune pendants and Valknuts

Unique Amber Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets

Sadly, the massive price increases happening with the amber market have finally caught up here. I've held off on raising prices as long as possible but at this point they have taken effect with the latest supply order. The two main factors are the increasing popularity of amber as an investment in Asia and the Russian government prohibiting the export of raw amber.

Amber, prized by the ancients who followed the Norse Gods, and believed to have protective and magickal properties is a natual choice for carved Thorr's Hammers, Valknuts, and Rune pendants. To get the best wear out of your amber jewelry, remember that amber is a relatively soft mineral and care should be taken when wearing and storing it. Having said that, I'll also add that my own amber Thorr's Hammer has survived two back to back camping trips.

Many items are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Please note that everything on this site is handmade and if the item you want is not listed as "in stock" it can take 10-21 days to create. Unfortunately, quantities of these unique items are limited based on my access to the amber beads and raw amber for carving, yet I am still keeping the prices fair. If your order comes in after an item is sold out, you will be notified immediately by the next business day and given the option of a full refund or a credit towards other items.

The beaded necklaces and bracelets are either hand knotted by myself with silk thread or strung on high strength nylon/wire cable which is crimped securely at each end. In either case, the pieces are made securely to reduce the chance of breakage and bead loss.

The clasps and beads shown on most pieces are plated metal to keep the pricing to a minimum. There is no extra charge to switch the silver plated beads for gold plated beads and vice versa. This will not give you an upgrade, just the other color metal bead. Just put a note for me in "Special Instructions" when you are ordering. If you prefer Sterling Silver or 14K Gold beads/clasps, please send an email to inquire about pricing.