Gemstone quick reference guide

Volumes have been written about the properties of gemstones. As crystals and gems were among my first interests as a child (I saved my allowance to buy my first crystal from the Natural History museum when I was in kindergarden, and read pretty much every book I could get my hands on since...) I've read a lot of the books that are out there. Some will contradict each other. As with any other subject matter, you read though the various books, allow that which rings true to sink in while rejecting what does not ring true. The following is a list giving brief associations (again, volumes have already been written...) to give a basic idea of the properties of the following stones. Properties listed below are esoteric unless otherwise indicated.

amber - (historical) prized by Heathens for being a sign of wealth and sacred to Freya, (esoteric) protective and magical

amythest - psychic development, spiritual growth

aventurine - wealth, good luck

blue topaz - protection, psychic communication

carnelian - protection, stabilizing emotions, good luck

diamond - protection, self confidence

hematite - healing, protection, grounding

garnet - attraction, strength, protection, healing

jade - wealth, good luck, healing

jet - (historical) thought by Vikings to be black amber, (esoteric) protective, grounding

lapis - healing, spirituality

moonstone - divination, spirituality

onyx - protection, grounding

peridot - wealth, healing

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