Every religion has it's extremists who are sick and twisted, using their so-called faith they've all but lost sight of to justify their agendas. These are the people that are about as spiritual as a doorknob and only care about manipulation and control. There are all too many examples of minority groups within all religions that have no qualms about harming or killing others in the name of their "faith." What they are doing is dishonoring the faith they pretend to be so strong in.

Such extremists hiding behind the faith of Asatru steal Heathen symbols such as the Thorr's Hammer and various runes. Because Asatru originated in Northern Europe/Scandinavia where indigenous people are Caucasian, it is the faith that had the most appeal to those looking for a religious basis to justify racism against non-whites and other ethnic groups. Thankfully I have only run across a very small number of these people within the Heathen community, though even one is too many.

It should be noted that Ancestral pride, even when demonstrated by Caucasians, does not denote racism. Taking pride in one's heritage is not racist and should not be confused with anything so hateful.

Because I feel very strongly that neither agendas nor politics of any type should be mixed with religion, I don't want my work connected with any type of personal or political agenda, particularly the agenda that's been the biggest problem for Asatru since the rebirth here in America. I don't want to sell my work to racists, or anyone who perpertuates the connection between rasicm and Asatru, a connection that anyone who really cares about the religion and the Gods will not tolerate.

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