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Some worthy causes that will get help to those in need

Frige Fund was started by Tee Wodening to help out Heathens in need. You can't be around the Heathen community long without hearing about the Wodening name and the good work that they have done for the community. The Frige Fund is now helping Heathen and other victims of Katrina to relocate and begin new lives. Contact Tee Wodening to find out how you can help.

Avalon Cares is the charity formed out of the group, Officers of Avalon, made well known by the author and Wiccan police officer, Kerr Cuhulain. I don't know of other organized Pagan charities, but this one certainly seems reputable. I gave them money before hearing about Frige Fund.

SPCA and other organizations that help animals. The people harmed by the disaster of Katrina will get help, we should not forget about the animals who need help too. The SPCA is a well known organization. Helping out local animal shelters is always a good idea too.

The Nature Conservancy has been around since 1951 and has an excellent rating of a 4-star charity. The damage done to the envinment around the gulf by Katrina, as well as the damage to homes, is just beyond comprehension. The Nature Conservanacy is a competant charity for those wishing to help with environmental issues.

The Red Cross is an excellent all purpose charity that gets the job done.

There are many other good charities out there, this is only a short list based on what I am familiar with. Feel free to email your recommendations.

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