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The Wodensday Heathen Discussion group is on hold indefinitely due to work and social commitments. Please join the Carolina Asatru group on Yahoo groups for local event information or The Southlands group on Yahoo groups for discussion and valuable information of Heathen interest. Please refer to the links page for more regional and national event information.

Although there is a discussion topic each time, this is a relaxed, social event where Heathens can get to know each other and folks interested in the Heathen traditions can meet Heathens and ask questions.

Feel free to attend if you are a practicing Heathen or Asatruar, think you might be, or are just interested in talking about our Gods, Goddesses and practices. Anyone wishing to attend who follows an eclectic path should understand and be respectful of the fact that the Heathen traditions are not eclectic. The discussions will sometimes touch on the runes but this is not a rune class.

Asatru/Heathenism is a modern reconstruction of the pre-christian Germanic religion centered around the Norse dieties and practiced throughout Scandinavia, Iceland and Europe. Although these terms are used interchangably, Asatru tends to imply a more narrow focus on Scandinavian/Icelandic practices.

Kids are welcome if they are able to either engage in "grown up" discussions or sit quietly and not disrupt the discussion.

Since January 2005, The Thorr's Hammer Site has been hosting Heathen activities in Raleigh, NC. Until mid 2007 these activities have included public ritual. Due to changing sentiments regarding making these rituals public and an inability due to work travel to keep a consistent weekend open for hosting rituals, the following changes have been initiated.

The formerly monthly public rituals are now being held at a private residence by invite only. Anyone who I know or has previously attended a public ritual is welcome, anyone else should send an email or attend the Wodensday discussions first.

The discussion part of the Public Blot gathering, focusing on the Norse Gods, continues as the Wodensday Heathen Discussion Group and includes more Asatru/Heathen topics. The meetings will be held (usually) on the first Wodensday each month and will rotate between locations in Cary, Garner, and Clayton, NC (Raleigh suburbs). The locations for our discussions are chosen for the fact that they are easy to find and have drinks and snacks available.

Please send an email if you have other questions about the discussions or rituals.

Upcoming discussions: 2009, TBA

Previous discussions:

The Harvest and Winter Holidays
Wodensday, Nov. 12

Njordh, the Norse God of the ocean and wealth
May 14th

The Spring Heathen Holidays, associated Gods and Goddesses
Wodensday, Apr 2

The Havamal (continued)
Wodensday, Mar. 6th

The Havamal
Wodensday, Feb. 5th

The Different Types of Heathen Practices
Wodensday, Sept. 19th

Eir and healing
August 1.

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