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These Amber Thor's Hammer pendants are hand carved and polished from actual pieces of Baltic amber. They are absolutely not pressed or reconstitiuted or anything else unnatural. Please allow for slight, natural variations from the item pictured to the Thor's Hammer pendant you order. Some styles are available in colors other than what is shown. Prices here have gone up because of dollar values compared to the Euro. Items on this page that aren't in stock will take 10 -21 days to complete.

Colossal Amber Thor's Hammer Pendant - temporarily unavailable

Large Green Amber Thor's Hammer Pendant

Amber/Sterling Silver
a very rare piece, carvable amber large enough for a Thorr's Hammer this size is unusual, this is the last one available at this price

Green Amber/Sterling Silver
Large green amber pieces are very rare
this Thorrr's hammer is only available in
limited quantities, the pendant shown looks
much more yellow-green in daylight

3 3/4"x1 7/8"x1/2" seriously!

2 1/4"x1 1/8"x1/2"



Butterscotch Amber Thor's Hammer Pendant

Golden Amber Thor's Hammer Pendant

Butterscotch Amber/Sterling Silver
A sleek Thor's hammer carving
in golden Butterscotch Amber

Light Green Amber/Sterling Silver
shown in gold-green amber,
also available in butterscotch


2 3/8"x1"



Carved Amber Thor's Hammer Earrings

Silver Detail Amber Thor's Hammer Pendant

Amber/Sterling Silver
a unique carved style
shown in dark green amber
your choice of color

Amber/Sterling Silver
Detailed silver pattern at the top of this Thor's Hammer pendant
makes this piece quite the eye-catcher
your choice of amber color

5/8" x 3/4"

1 1/2"x7/8"



choose color

choose color

Carved Green Amber Thor's Hammer

Carved Light Amber Thor's Hammer

Green Amber/Sterling Silver
due to natural variations,
not all green amber is as bright as
shown in this Thor's Hammer pendant

light to medium gold amber Thor's Hammer
a fairly large piece

1 1/4"x 5/8"

Dimensions:1 3/4" x 7/8"



Carved Amber Thor's Hammer Dark Green Amber Thor's Hammer- in stock
Amber/Sterling Silver
a nice amber Thor's Hammer
chose light, medium, or dark amber shade
Green Amber/Sterling Silver
heavier inclusions give this Thor's hammer a striking dark green hue
1/2" x 1 1/4" 5/8" x 1"
$89 $89
choose color