The literal meaning of Asatru, an Old Norse word, is "True to the Gods." I take it to mean just that, being tru to the Norse Gods and Goddesses, forming and strengthening relationships with them. Asatru is based on what we know of Icelandic and other Scandinavian pre-Christian religious practices centered around the Norse Gods.

There are as many different takes on how the faith should be observed. Since it's revival here in the United Stated during the 1970's, certain traditions have evolved. Asatru is a polytheistic faith, recognizing each God or Goddess as an individual rather than an aspect of one or two dieties. Doing magic is not a requirement. Seasonal offerings and feasts are done. Mead (beverage brewed from honey), is generally given to the Gods although other offerings may also be appropriate. Asatru is one of the many Heathen faiths, with Heathen referring to any of the faiths, or in some cases mixing of faiths, centered around the Norse Gods.

Some people think that everyone should be Asatru, and some people think that only certain people have the right to be Asatru for certain reasons. My take on it is this, Asatru is all about the Gods and Goddesses. Ultimately, the decision of who or what is Asatru is up to the Gods, based on who really is Tru to them rather than who has a personal or political agenda. While community is crucial to Asatru for fellowship and learning, Asatru is not a social club. Any personal or political reasons one may have for joining or starting a club have nothing to do with spirutality and such people tend to prefer their own agenda to actual spiritual experience. Unfortunately, these people exist within all faiths, usually as the extremists that have lost sight of the faith they shout about so loudly. If it sounds like an agenda, it's probably not Asatru, or any other religion for that matter.

It makes me absolutely sick that I even have to mention this on my website, but unfortunately the situation exists. There are some, though thankfully few out of all I have met, who call themselves Asatru but really just use the faith as a way to try to justify their racism. They chose Asatru not because of any connection to the Gods, but because Asatru originated in Northern Europe/Scandinavia, where most people are Caucasian. Conversely, when Asatru or Odinism is mentioned in connection to prison inmates it is more likely than not the racist version, although there are some exceptions. While it is true that political correctness has gotten way out of control, the white supremacist types who use Asatru as their cover will frequently use the "you're just too pc" argument if they are quesitoned about their agenda. They have crossed the line of having a healthy pride in their ancestry, and gone on to something that is clearly unhealthy.

Because I feel very strongly that neither agendas nor politics of any type should be mixed with religion, I don't want my work connected with any type of personal or political agenda, particularly the agenda that's been the biggest problem for Asatru since the rebirth here in America. I don't want to sell my work to racists, or anyone who perpertuates the connection between rasicm and Asatru, a connection that anyone who really cares about the religion, not an agenda, will not tolerate.

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